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AGEING, TRAUMAS and PATHOLOGIES are responsible for a reduction in our motor capacity.
The cause of all of these problems has been recently identified! What do all of these conditions have in common? The answer is the reduction in proprioceptive information..
These stimuli arrive at our sub-cortical nervous mechanism, the oldest part of the brain, and govern balance. The proprioceptive system is essential for our posture.

Without proprioception there is no posture
In my approach to patients, moreover, I use information derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, with its constant search for balance between opposing forces. A further supplement to my clinical evaluation comes from homeopathic medicine,
in order to rebalance the person as a single indivisible being. The choice of therapy will range from diverse holistic and/or atomistic methods – as needed in each case: from acupuncture to auriculotherapy to mesotherapy.
We will treat pathologies in their “physical” nature, through the study of the biomechanics of movement and of the local articular functioning, making use of specific methodologies such as the McKenzie, Van Wijmen and Maitland Methods.
From articular/local we move to the overall rebalancing using the Mézières-Bertelè method, to achieve the rebalancing of the articular-postural functioning and the governance of anti-gravitational movement with the method of high-frequency visual-proprioceptive reprogramming ( Riva method).