Dr. Pietro Maria Picotti was born in 1961. After taking a course in classical studies he graduated from the faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Verona with first class honours. He went on to specialize in physiotherapy with honours and takes various training courses during his hospital career (such as vertebral manipulation, kinesitherapy, Mc Kenzie biomechanics, Vodder lymphatic drainage, Van Wijmen kinesitherapy, etc).
Already by the end of the 1980's he began to deepen his knowledge of the postural field: he attended the Centro dell'Ascolto of Dr.Laura Bertelè of Milano, a student of and teacher for Francoise Mézières; he took the Metodo Bertelè training course from 1990 to '93. He began as an independent professional and left his hospital career behind in 1996.
He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Prosa di Mestre Institute where he gave classes from 2005-2006. He became interested in Homeopathy and took a basic course at CISDO in 2003.
The study of movement, muscular physiopathology and the postural system were the focus of his work.
From May 2006 he has been the vice-president of International Society of Proprioception and Posture.
Docente dal ’09 al Master di Podologia dello Sport.Professore a C. Università Cattolica di Roma.
Dal 2013 medico Fisiatra squadra Nazionale Federazione Italiana Triathlon